Web Development

Web Development

Internet presence is not achieved by simply having a website. Customers need to reach it and get to know the company so that they can eventually do business with them and achieve commercial objectives. For this, a strategic process of Web Development and optimal positioning must be carried out to reach the desired target.


Every organization must have an internet presence, and if it does not, then this implies that its nonexistent. Having a presence on the web allows customer availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without stopping. This is something that customers value since they are given special attention, any time they need it.

Furthermore, a responsive web presence and design is a very important aspect, since this is your cover letter with customers. It is important that you correctly transmit the image and values of your company, while taking into account the behavior and habits of the user on the internet to provide a pleasant, simple and easy to use experience. If you desire all these and many more, Elint Minds stands as your best option.

Our goal at Elint Minds is to develop your site not only through improving your search engine positioning, but by also  providing users with the best possible experience and improving general user retention.

At Elint Minds, we offer complete Web Development services, capable of handling all aspects of a web project, starting with strategic planning, post-launch monitoring, management and maintenance. We also continually review and adjust our clients’ websites to ensure that they are very much relevant, simple and useful. We as well believe in simplicity and cleanliness when creating web solutions designed to attract as many users as possible. We are “those” who think less is more.


Core PHP Development

Elint Minds PHP development team provides best security to your websites and web applications. our developers deploys every websites with various numbers of security testing with all highest possible levels. Elint minds ensure that every website is bug free and exception free and compatible with all devices.

Web Development Frameworks


Areas of Expertise

Our Expert team of development have vast experience in major framework of php. Laravel, CodeIgnitore, Cake PHP, Symfony with all of this frameworks elint minds provides most robust, user friendly and secure websites and web applications. this frameworks makes your business website more creative, unique and secure. this are of our main expertise area in PHP Web development, web applications, e-commerce development, online e-learning web portals, social media websites and much more according to your requirements for web developments and web applications.

E Commerce

Elint minds provide e-commerce solution for websites, web applications and andorid iOS application to all insdustries around the world. Our team is expert to provide e-commerce solution in platforms like Magento 1.9.x, Magneto 2.2.x, WooCommerce, Shopify and all other major e-commerce platforms. we provide full secure e-commerce solution along with advance admin panel to handle product management, order management, payment gateway integration etc. we also provide e-commerce platform for digital product industries, rental streaming services, learning platforms, b2b business solutions, b2c business solutions, hotel bookings, hospitality, event bookings and much more.

Web App portals

Elint Minds provides All kind of ERP, Web App, Website Portal solutions. Product Management, Stock Management, Desktop App Integration with all kind of solutions as per requirements.


We Provide Online E-Learning solutions. our dedicated PHP Development team can deliver high quality professional online learning portal or applications. ew can provide fast, reliable, robust learning system that can handle online video tutorial, exams, tests, assignments, attendance and much more as per requirements.

Social Networks

We can provide create and unique social solutions for you to handle your community network, worldwide social media or any other social interaction platforms.
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