CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter Development

The advances in programming are increasingly numerous and are made in a very short time. The updates are constant to improve our experience in computer development. A clear example of this is CodeIgniter. This new PHP Framework offers us certain advantages that range from programming, through design and even to SEO. It is a program to be developed by experts, with free code and free of use for any application.


Codeigniter is a powerful and lightweight PHP framework that facilitates the development of web applications. With MVC architecture, extended libraries and an object-oriented database, Codeigniter has become very popular for web application development. It has simplified web development by minimizing the coding effort. Adapted to all sizes of web applications, the framework supports the rapid development and deployment of any project. It is very beneficial to create interactive, innovative and functional applications without coding them from scratch.

If you are thinking of using CodeIgniter, Elint Minds is your  best web development company to contact. We have the work of the best programmers and designers, with experience of many years. With the CodeIgniter framework, we offer you power and comfort for your web space, taking care of everything you need so that your online space can be easily managed.

Elint Minds is a leading Codeigniter development company.  Known for developing impeccable, secure and fast web applications, the company has many Codeigniter Web sites to its credit. Pro to rapid customization, our developers have also proven their competence in modifying Codeigniter to create tailored solutions for its global customers.

Restful API

Elint minds provide easy to integrate RESTfull API service with codeigniter. RESTfull API allows to integrate your websites and web applications to android and iOS applications for exchange data.

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