Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality systems usually grant the possibility of including 2D or 3D virtual elements within real environments, so as to enrich reality with updated information and functions. At Elint Minds, we are specialists in the development of these systems, designing applications oriented to advertising, cultural and leisure events, virtual catalogs, magazines and much more. We work with visual markers, GPS spatial positioning and interactive maps according to the requirements of the application. As an augmented reality app development company, we create interactive experiences through the use of 3D elements and their integration into mobile applications.


At Elint Minds, we have extensive experience in the development of interactive applications with very demanding requirements. When developing an application that integrates 3D elements, it is essential to have a perfectly synchronized programming team with the graphic artists that create the 3D elements. The lack of understanding between the artistic and development departments can disrupt the development of an application with 3D interactivity. The devil is in the details, and those small details in the development and integration of graphic elements are the most complex element when developing a 3D visualization or Augmented Reality application. At Elint Minds, we have a highly specialized Augmented Reality design team. Throughout our years of work, we have limited the processes of integration of our 3D resources into graphic engines. This allows us to develop efficient and high-performance applications, essential when creating apps for lightweight mobile devices that work in most terminals.

If you have an Augmented Reality application project, or you simply need a specialized 3D development team, we are your best option.

Projection based AR App

From real objects to image of projection. AR app can create interactive and non-interactive object for projection.

Recognition based AR App

AR app can recognize objects and position. after recognizance AR app replace it with objects. all process are translation of words through camera.

Outlining AR App

It is very similar to projection AR. Outlining AR app uses object identify to integrate.

Augmented Reality
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